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About Dennis Vineyards


Established: 1997
Owners: Sandon & Amy Dennis
Founders: Pritchard & Lynda Dennis
Varietals: Muscadine, French, Fruit & Berry
Production: 100,000 bottles/year


Since their humble beginning in 1997 where hobby turned profession, Dennis Vineyards strives to produce top quality wines of all kinds for enjoyment by all, connoisseur and novice alike.


Nestled in their own quaint little corner of North Carolina wine country, Dennis Vineyards is located in the small little town of Albemarle, just a short 40 minute drive from Charlotte. Boasting eleven acres of pristine muscadine vineyards and gently rolling hills, it truly is a sight to see. Specializing in the native grape of the South, the muscadine, the Dennis's grow over ten different varieties of this highly unique and superbly flavorful grape. Many people do not realize that there are well over 150 different varieties of muscadine grapes and while some are more common in winemaking, others are more common in jellies and jams or the fresh fruit market.


With a never ending desire to create new and unique wines and have a lot of options for all the varying palates, Dennis Vineyards produces over 30 different wines. Even from the very beginning, they have been producing wines in numerous sweetness levels (including their muscadines!). Many varieties come in dry, semi dry and sweet. Whether you prefer traditional dry French varietals, fruity muscadines or playful fruit wines, you are sure to find a wine (or two!) perfect for any mood, pairing or special occasion.


Offering tastings every day and tours on Satudays (or through the week by appointment), Dennis Vineyards is a great place to spend the afternoon sipping wine, enjoying the view and submersing yourself in this family's passion.






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