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Our Wine Maker


Our Wine Maker

Sandon Dennis


Sandon grew up in Albemarle, North Carolina with relatively normal childhood dreams of growing up to be a famous architect or a big machine operating bulldozer driver. He attended UNC Charlotte and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Sandon laughingly said “If someone from the future would have shown himself to me, like on the Christmas Carol, and told me that I was going to be a successful wine maker with my very own winery… I would have told him he was crazy and that he must have the wrong guy!”


Oh but how true it would be. Sandon, unaware of his future, held many various jobs working as an electrician, a manager at a brick plant and a computer field engineer. It wasn’t until his father, Pritchard, started toying with the idea of hobby wine-making in the 1990’s that he too thought “hey, this might be fun!” After doing some test batches and a little friendly father-son competition, he fell in love. This wasn’t just any job that he had to drag himself out of bed to go do the same monotonous thing each and every day. “It keeps me young!” he laughs. “Well, that and the wine of course!” Sandon and his father were the ones who decided to embark on the oh-so rewarding yet time consuming journey that is winemaking. Putting in countless hours and plenty of sweat equity, he’s been able to watch as his dream grows from a mere 2,500 bottles in the first vintage (1997) to a whopping 270,000 bottles in the current vintage. “I wear a lot of hats around here. Winemaker, vineyard keeper, lawn mower, tasting room attendant… it all depends on the day. And it’s all just a part of doing something you love and achieving a product you really care about.”









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