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Our Staff


FoundersPritchard & Lynda Dennis



As the founders, this husband and wife team is the real reason why we are all here today and have such a great product to sell. Pritchard is the one who did all the monotonous research and backbreaking testing before any word was mentioned about a winery. For any who happen to know this amazing man, this goes without saying, he WILL NOT stop or lay anything down until it is absolutely perfected. Whether baking oatmeal cookies from scratch, digging for the absolute best price on a toaster or perfecting a finely-tuned wine recipe, he is a man in search of perfection. His dear wife Lynda is his biggest cheerleader and has stood by him through it all. She saw his dream and helped push it into a reality. Without these two amazing people, none of this would be here.



Amy DennisAmy Dennis
Office & Tasting Room Manager


Wife of the winemaker, Amy came on full time with Dennis Vineyards back in 2002. Working as the payroll manager at Michelin Aircraft Tire, she soon saw that this little “hobby winery” wasn't going to remain little or hobby much longer. With the winery growing by leaps and bounds and the tasting room gaining steady business, she left her job at Michelin and took on two roles at the winery as both office manager and tasting room manager. As you well know, when you run a family business, everyone has to wear a lot of hats... wedding planner, marketing director, custodian... you name it. This little lady may be small but she's got spunk and we are all very lucky to have her as a irreplaceable part of the Dennis Vineyards team.



Lauren Dennis HutchinsLauren Dennis Hutchins
Graphic Designer


Daughter of the winemaker, Lauren went to Appalachian State and received a degree in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology. After graduating and taking various design and print jobs, her heart finally brought her back home to help carry on the family tradition in early 2011. Having grown up with her daddy as the winemaker since she was 8 years old, she's developed a real passion for the business and is happy to be able to help the company grow and mature with new (and improved!) wine labels, print ads and marketing materials. As with everyone here at Dennis Vineyards, you will see her leading tours, giving wine tastings, helping plan weddings, working offsite shows, sweeping the patio or doing, generally, whatever else needs to be done. She's a great addition to the team and we look forward to watching her grow with the company.



Dale DrakeDale Drake
Assistant Winemaker


As a lifelong friend of the winemaker, Dale started working alongside Sandon just shortly after the winery came to fruition. As the winery began to grow and the wines gained tremendous popularity, it became apparent that someone else was needed to help tend to the vineyards and aid in the winemaking process. As crazy as it may sound even with production levels at an all time high, the same two guys still handle it all every step of the way. Bouncing around jokes and tales of high school pranks while they get the job done, these two are an absolute hoot and a half and work together like a well-oiled, tried and true machine (all with a good sense of humor of course). Having been with us for about as long as we can remember, he's a vital part of what keeps us up and going.




Dennis Vineyards also employs a number of part time professionals. Some have been with us from the very get go while others are still relatively new to the business. Each and every one is immensely important to the day to day operations of our company and our appreciation is great.






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